Looky Loo Explained.

What is a Looky Loo?

Looky Loos are always welcome to browse or window shop here at eHarleyAuction.com, and they are encouraged to spend as much time on our site as they want too as well. So Welcome To eHarleyAuction.com my friend!

Did I hear you ask “Why do we welcome Looky Loos?”
Best Answer Off The Top Of My Head: You never know when a (Looky Loo) window shopper or item browser might find something on our site that they have actively or inactively been looking for and found it here, then decide to join and place a Bid- Buy It Outright , or Make An Offer depending on the options listed on the item they found an interest in.
That said, have a look at all the item categories we offer and see what "you" might find, Lets Go >>

P.S. Now that you have found us, show us some love and pay it forward by Helping Us Spread The Word. Tell A Friend... because, the more who know, the more we grow, which in turn means more items for you to see, Buy - Bid - or Make An Offer on during your return visits!

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