Site Grand Opening

Please Read Before Using Our Site.

Disclaimer* In the introduction on the home page you read that we are dedicated to the Harley Davidson Community and the Harley Davidson Life Style and not just Harley Davidson Motorcycles. That's why you see so many non Harley Davidson categories. Just because someone rides a Harley Davidson does not mean they do not have any other interest, likes or dislikes in their every day lives. That being the case, don't feel like every single item you see listed or you want to list or buy has to be Harley Davidson related, or have the words Harley Davidson in it.
If you see a category that interest you, by all means use it to list your items for sale or auction and make some extra cash just like you would while using any other buying and selling website. We welcome any and everyone who loves Harley Davidson.
For example : You may have a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the driveway but  you are 
still shopping for items for the home that Harley Davidson is parked in front of, like a, Couch, T.V., or Collectables, Tools and item related to your other hobbies and intest. We cater to every person, Harley Owner/Rider or not.

The offical grand opening of  is 11/20/2023 (which also happens to be my Birthday by the way.)
Because this is a new start-up,  please be sure to let me know of any missing categories you would like to be added.
I have done my best to check and re-check that everything functions on the site as it should. At the time of writing this, I have not found any issues myself but I am human and with the amount of time it took and the effort, and the countless sleepless nights I have put into building this site, there might be something I missed or forgotten.
For example: You are selling a "Ring" and while listing your ring for sale or auction, you don't see an option to put in the ring size or metal it is made from e.g. (Gold, Silver, Silver Plated) and so on.
Another example: You are listing a type of clothing, shirt, pants, jacket or what ever, and while listing it, you don't see a place asking for the size or color. Contact me and let me know so I can make the update to the site and correct the error A.S.A.P. Once I make the updates needed, you will be able edit your items any time from your Account Dashboard and select the fields that where missing when you posted your item. In most cases of little things like this, I can correct them and have them working within an hour or by the end of the day.
Let me know of any other issues as well, click here to contact me and let me know or go to the bottom of any page and click on the Contact Us link

Right now this site is a One Man Show so to speak. Built out of Passion and Love. I have spent years of my time to get this site to the point you see now, and it's only going to get better with time. Infact even though this is a new site, there are upgrades and new layout designs already taking taking shape. Don't worry though, the integration/rollout of these changes will not effect the functionallity of the site. So go ahead and use the site to your hearts content.
You can show your support, by listing your items and useing the site now.

The dream:
The dream is that in time I will have the "NEED" and "NO CHOICE" but to hire a staff to help run the sie.
I look
forward to getting to that point because it will mean I am doing something right. Or as Sally Field one said, "You Like Me."
Good luck buying and selling on
Thanks for the support. And remember to tell a friend, because, the more who know, the more we grow, which in turn means more items for you to see, Buy, Bid, or Make An Offer on during your return visits!

There are never any listing/posting fees for seller, all you pay for is Special Listing Options and a Final Value Fee at the end of the sale or auction. See our fees page for full explanation. 
Now that that is out of the way, you can help kick this site off with a bang by taking advantage of our infancy and list as many items as you possibly can or want too in order to help chum the site, so to speak, so visitors have plenty of items to see and buy, bid or make an offer on.
Thanks for the support in helping to make my dream 
over the last 22 years of building this site finally a reality.

To read the full story of, Click Here , Enjoy.
Welcome to, now our journey and legacy which was written in the stars continues, Art, art supplies, painting, drawings and more categories, open your own easy to run and manage store.