Site Fees

Our Fees explained:
For sellers: There is never a fee to list/post your item for sale on The only time there is a listing/posting fee is if you chose to use one or more of our Special Listing Services that include the fallowing:

  1. "Home Page Featured Listing."
  2. "Category Featured Listing."
  3. "Highlighted Listing" Feature.

All standard "FREE" listings include 12 photos of your item and 1 video of your item.
Other optional paid Special Listing Services to choose form are adding extra photos and extra media files (videos) to you item listing for a small fee.

There are only two categories we charge a listing fee for, they are, "eHarley Motors" and "Real-Estate" listings.
We do however have a final value "Sale Transaction Fee" for all sold items

Here are two more FREE PERKS you can take advantage of.

  1. To get more eyes on the item you are selling, list your item in a second similar/relevant category for FREE.
    "Make sure your item is relevant to the second category you choose and don't take advantage of this feature by just pick a random irrelevant category. We scan regularly for this kind of activity and if/when found, your item will be deleted with no refund."
  2. If your item/s do not sell in the standard allotted auction/selling time, You may relist your itme up to 7 times for free.
    Choose this option at the time you create your item listing/post, our system will automatically relist the item for you at no charge or fees. 

For Buyers: There is "Never A Fee" (always free) for biding, buying or to use any other site features and services.

Now you know about our fee structure. Make sure to take the time to get familiar with your "User Account Dashboard" to see all the options available to our members.

User Sign-up Fee
Listing Fees
Additional Category Listing
Buy Out
Category Pages Featuring
Make Offer
Highlighted Item
Home Page Featuring
Listing Images
Reserve Price
Listing Setup
Listing Media
Sale Transaction Fee
[ Free - $1,000.00 ] 3.00%
Sale Transaction Fee
[ $1,000.00 - $10,000.00 ] 2.00%
Sale Transaction Fee
[ $10,000.00 - $99,000,000.00 ] 1.00%
Store Subscriptions
Friend Of The Club
$7.00, recurring every 30 days, 25 listings
$20.00, recurring every 30 days, 100 listings
$75.00, recurring every 90 days, 500 listings, featured store
$100.00, recurring every 180 days, 750 listings, featured store
(1%) One-Percenter
$175.00, recurring every 365 days, 1200 listings, featured store, Art, art supplies, painting, drawings and more categories, open your own easy to run and manage store.